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Johny Midnight is a British artist that painted the splendid painting on the wall of our London office at 9 Reece Mews, South Kensington.


Johny Midnight paiting on the outside of the Erna Low office building in Kensington, London

Johny Midnight grew up in Malta and studied arts in a London college for two years before dropping out.

After spending some time travelling between London and the French Alps, he decided to move to Chamonix at the foot of the Mont-Blanc. His paintings are inspired by his own experiences and the places he has been. Chamonix and the surrounding ski area were a constant source of inspiration.

He opened a small shop to sell his art and it rapidly took off. For eight years his boutique was part of the downtown shop scenery of Chamonix before the shop was forced into closing for a year due to some maintenance work that needed to be carried out.

From Chamonix, Johny then went to the Caribbean on the island of St Lucia where he found a new source of inspiration for his paintings. After a sailing trip to Anguilla from St Lucia he came back to London and opened 'Gallery Midnight London'.

In this excellent gallery you can find paintings reflecting his experience from the mountain to the island and the sailing and of course London; they are all unique.


Johny Midnight paintings - snowboarder doing a trick and a family skiing on the slopes


Johny Midnight is also involved in charities and is keen on giving some of his time to help others. He also gives art classes to children and adults.

In 2015, the beautiful winter painting on the wall of 9 Reece Mews was complete by this wonderful artist and next to it he added a portrait of another famous British painter Francis Bacon, whose studio was close to our office in Reece Mews


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